The Anthropological Comic Book – an alternative way of reaching the audience (

Anthropology Comic Book, Anthropology Today, Volume 27, Issue 2, April 2011, Pages: 29–30

Komiks antropologiczny (Polish,

Tegneserier kan også formidle videnskab (Danish,

Antropologi i tegneserieformat! (Norwegian,

Forskning i tegneserieformat (Norwegian,

Forskning som tegneserie (Norwegian,

Anthropology goes Comics (by Hannah Wadle, Comics Forum)

Antropolog bryter barrierer – forskningsresultat som tegneserie (Norwegian, Radio Nova, interview 18.03.2011)

Bibliotekarstudentens nettleksikon om litteratur og medier (Norwegian)

Kula kula (Norwegian)

Norsk forskningsrapport i tegneserieform (Danish, Dansk Donaldist-Forening)

Taleboblebibler fornyer fortællingerne (Danish, Kristeligt Dagblad)

Learning to learn (Aalto University)

Antropologia em Cartoon (Portuguese, Brazil,

Espaço público, informação, acessibilidade, tecnologia, diversidade em cartoons (Portuguese, Brazil,

The Anthropological Comic Book (Portuguese, Brazil,

Anthro Comics?? (English,

Comic book format for planning reports (English,

סוציולוגיה/אנתרופולוגיה.0  2  (Sociology/Anthropology 2.0) (Hebrew, Pickpook – Student newspaper of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Hebrew University Jerusalem)

On the exhibition:

Utrop (Norwegian)



What Do Our Readers See? Lessons From Making An Anthropological Comic Book, Aleksandra Bartoszko, American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, 16.11.11 – 20.11.11, Montreal, Canada


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